Company SEIKO, whose name in translation from Japanese means “precise” is founded in 1881. Perhaps it is the most titled – in field of innovative inventions – Japanese company: in 1969 SEIKO launched world’s first watch with quartz movement – Astron, in 1973 – first quartz watch with LCD-display, then came the watch that combined both electronics and mechanics (Spring Drive), working from mainspring energy but in the mean time regulated by electronic device.

      “SEIKO” has invented a watch with Kinetic technology which can transform the energy of movement of hand to electrical one, providing the power reserve up to half of a year.

      Really sensational as the launch of watch with the function Kinetic Auto Relay, which can save energy and “catch” the time – in case if the watch wasn’t worn on hand for a longer period. In the mean time, company SEIKO is considered as pioneer using wide range of newest technologies.

      First movement with automatic winding – it is “SEIKO” mechanical watch, first desktop quartz chronograph – SEIKO again. SEIKO quartz watches have rich history as well, just like watches with LCD-display.

      SEIKO is positioned as a company which successfully balances on the edge between traditional and electronic technologies.